Promoting Your Referral Link.

I’m sure you already know that it’s not an easy task to promote your referral link and to get people to actually sign up as your referrals. So, without further ado I’ll just get right to business with Ways to promote your referral link list:

  • Social Media : Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Social media can be a very powerful tool when it comes to promoting your link. Share your link with your friends or on your groups or pages. But be careful, don’t spam your friends.

  • Creating blogs : Blogging also can get you hundreds of referrals when written right.
  • You can use PTC sites to advertise your referral links. You’ll have to purchase credits and create ads.

  • Traffic Exchange : This one is very important and useful. Here’s a list of free traffic exchange sites:

  • Forums : Promote your link in PTC related forums or try referral exchange where you can get people to be your referrals, in return your be their referral as well. Here’s a couple of PTC related forums:     

  • Finally, BANNERS : Banners are a very powerful and very profitable way when done right. You can make your own custom banners or if you don’t have an artistic designer bone in your body you’ll find great banners on every PTC site that you can use to promote your referral link.

Good luck promoting your referral link…… And have fun.